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SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter Troubleshooting - PartsXP

SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter Troubleshooting

SolarEdge HD wave inverters are designed using a novel power conversion technology that is based on a distributed switching and powerful DSP processing. This inverter can synthesize a clean sine wave that leads to a dramatic reduction in the magnetics and heavy cooling elements. The result is a lighter and smaller inverter for easy installation. In this blog, we have given SolarEgde HD wave inverter troubleshooting steps that help you when you get problems with your inverter.

SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter Troubleshooting.

While starting the SolarEdge HD Wave troubleshooting, you need to check a few things related to the functionality of the inverter.

Check The Functionality of The HD Wave Inverter.

You should locate the black and circular switch on your inverter. Make sure that switch is pointed to the ON position.

Find out the little screen in the center of the HD wave inverter. The information should be displayed on it and a green power indicator is lighting up.

If the screen on the inverter is not lighting up, you have to consider that it is not getting power. Next, you need to locate the red power switch which is placed behind the inverter and on the left side. You may have to crane your neck to find that little switch.

After finding, you will need to check to ensure that the red power switch is pointing to the ON (1) position. This ON (1) and OFF (0) indicator is very small but you can locate it on your inverter's front face, just below the area to where the red switch is pointing.

If both red and black switches point ON position, but still the screen on the inverter is not getting power, you can contact a professional.

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Check The Internet Connection of SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter.

To check the internet connection of your SolarEdge inverter,

  • Locate the UP and DOWN arrow marks on the front of the inverter and just below the screen.
  • You have to press the UP arrow to scroll through the various screens until you get the word "Server" on screen.
  • Press the DOWN arrow to scroll until you see the phrase "Server".

If you notice "Server: LAN", it indicates that your inverter uses a communication gateway to connect the solar energy system to the internet. If you see "Server: Cell", it means that your HD wave inverter uses an internal cellular device to connect the solar energy system to the internet. So, you need to follow the troubleshooting process accordingly.

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Troubleshooting Ethernet Connection.

After the installation process has been done, you may get communication errors. So, in this section, you can check out the troubleshooting tips for ethernet communication issues. On the display, a string of 0s and 1s showing an eight-bit communication status. 1 indicates OK and 0 indicates an error. Depends on the 0-bit location, you can know the error message.

Bit Location

Error Message



LAN Disconnected

There may be a physical connection fault. You have to check the cable pinout assignment as well as the cable connection.


DHCP failed or invalid DHCP configuration

It could because of IP settings issue. Check for the issues with the router and configuration. Fix them if possible, otherwise consult your network provider.


Gateway ping failed.

You need to verify the physical connection to the switch or router. Check that the link LED at the router or switch is lit. If it is lit, contact your network IT professional. If not, replace the cable or change it from cross to straight connection.


G server ping failed.

Connect a laptop and check for the internet connection. If internet access is unavailable, you need to fix the internet problem.

5th, 6th and 7th

Server x ping failed.

Ping or connection to SolarEdge server has failed. So, you need to verify the SolarEdge serve address under the LAN configuration submenu. If you are not able to get the issue, consult a professional


Tcp connect failed.

You should check with your network administrator whether a firewall or any other device is blocking the transmission.

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RS485 Communication Troubleshooting.

If the error "Master Not Found" appears, you will need to check the connections to the master device and correct it if required.

After slave detection, if the number of slaves displayed in the master under "RS485-X Conf -> Slave Detect" is lesser than the actual number of slaves, then you have to follow either of these two methods to find out missing slaves and troubleshoot connectivity problems.

  1. Use the "Long slave detect" to retry connecting to slaves.
  2. Analyze the "Slave list" to check for missing slaves and their connection.


We hope this guide on SolarEdge HD Wave troubleshooting helped you while fixing general problems. You can refer to the SolarEdge manual for further more assistance. If you want to buy a new SolarEdge single-phase string inverter, you can order from PartsXP.

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