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SolarEdge Inverter Reviews - PartsXP

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SolarEdge offers a wide variety of solar inverters for residential, commercial and small utility-scale solar installations. The company provides an intelligent solution in the form of an inverter that has changed the way power is gathered and managed in solar photovoltaic systems. This inverter maximizes power generation while lowering the cost of energy by the photovoltaic system. If you are in thought of buying a new inverter, check out our Solar Edge inverters review before getting confirmed.  

Solar Edge Inverters Review

In this article, you can check the complete review of SolarEdge inverter.

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Benefits of a Solar Edge Inverter

Let's go through a few things that an inverter can provide you as a homeowner. However, this topic may help you to understand whether you need it or not for your system.

Flexible Design

SolarEgde uses panel optimizer technology in it's design. They are built as each panel work independently. This means you can place single panels on the roof where conventional string systems would not allow.

This is a great choice if you have a tricky roof with different cuts or angles or even shading issues. So, you can avoid the problem with this SolarEdge inverter as they allowed for such a flexible design.

Higher Energy Output

With the flexible design, the solaredge inverter generates more energy. Moreover, each panel works independently so the overall performance of your system will be increased. Normally, on string systems, if one panel's performance becomes weak, then the whole system will continue to perform. Finally, this solaredge inverter results in higher energy output from the system.

Maximize your Savings/ ROI

From seeing the above two benefits, you can find more savings with the solaredge system over 25 to 30 years. Once you have purchased this system, you will begin to reap the rewards of your investment. So, over a 25-30 years period, you can get a considerable amount back from your system compared to other basic systems.

Complete Visibility Over your System

Through the SolarEdge application, you can see everything about your system. So, you will be able to know how your system is performing at any time. You can even see if one panel is not performing well so there will be a chance to fix it immediately.

You will be able to know how much energy your system is producing daily. how much you are using through self-consumption, how much might be getting wasted on a solar export limiter, how much is going back to the grid, etc.

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Long-Lasting Warranties

SolarEdge will give 10 years warranty on it's inverters. For some models, they will provide 5 years warranty. However, solaredge standard warranty is 12 years with the chance to extend up to 25 years. This warranty period determines the quality of product. If you are going to get the extended warranty, you can invest in a lifelong system then see a huge ROI over a lifetime period.

Much Safer

Each panel has its power optimizer which stabilizes the DC so it automatically shut down if the DC exceeds a dangerous level. Hence, there will be a lower risk when anything goes wrong with the Solar Edge system. Sleep easy and safe without fire incidents on your roof with SolarEdge inverters.

Why SolarEdge Inverter is Efficient?

General efficiency standards for residential inverters are 95-98%. But, the Solaredge inverter and optimizer combinely give you a maximum efficiency of 99.5%.

Because of a few different reasons, SolarEdge inverters are so effective. The first is that these are more effective than microinverters for larger systems because they are not limited by the cap of 21 microinverter panels due to regulations in the voltage. They are also most impressive than normal string inverters due to avoiding power caused by individual shading or malfunctioning.

If individual panels are shaded, optimizers reconfigure their output so that the combined voltage will be 30 volts approximately. Moreover, any dropped output in one or two panels doesn't affect the overall effectiveness of the system.

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Solar Edge Inverter Limitations

Any inverter has some disadvantages so Solaredge is not different. The price is high so expect to pay around 20 to 40% higher cost than other highly rated and high performing and devices. As you have to install the power optimizer, the cost of PV system will increase automatically.

Installation is complex due to installing a lot of components.

Moreover, enough power is needed for the full size of your system to completely use optimizers. This is another consideration when you are going with the SolarEdge inverter.


Final Words

SolarEdge definitely gives you top-notch performance solar inverters for your home. Through this Solar Edge inverters reviews blog, we are sure you have got a clear idea of inverter. It has got a low failure rate. With more warranty, we thought that these units are at very reasonable pricing. Finally, this is the perfect quality inverter with an effective efficiency rate of 99.5 percent.

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