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Solaredge LAN Troubleshooting - PartsXP

solaredge lan troubleshooting

You need to use a LAN connection for connecting the inverter to the SolarEdge monitoring portal. As part of the installation, you have to perform communication. Once the communication option is connected and configured, you need to check that the connection to the monitoring server has been established successfully. If there are any issues found, you can follow the steps for SolarEgde LAN issues troubleshooting given below.

SolarEdge LAN Issues and Troubleshoot Tips

When Ethernet communication is used, the server communication status window can be used to identify the location of the error. You can see an 8-bit communication connection status that is a string of 1s and 0s. 1 indicates OK and 0 indicates an error. Refer to the below possible errors and their troubleshooting.

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Bit Location

Error Message

Error Description



LAN Disconnected

A fault with an Ethernet physical cable connection. The Ethernet link or physical Ethernet cable are not connected properly.

You have to check the cable pin-out assignment and cable connection. Once refer to details on how to create an Ethernet.


DHCP failed or invalid DHCP configuration.

The inverter is failed to get a valid IP address from the DHCP server or the DHCP or static IP settings in the inverter are not the same as those of the router.

For this, you need to check the router and inverter configuration. Otherwise, consult your network professional to fix the issue.


Gateway ping failed.

The connection to your router is not available. So, you have to check if the router is failed while connecting. Also, inspect the switch.

Check the connection to the LAN switch or router. Inspect that the link LED at the router is lit. It indicates a phy-link. If it is lit, you need to contact your network IT professional. If it is not, replace the cable or change it from cross to straight connection.


G Server Ping Failed

The connection to the internet is not available.

You can connect a laptop or personal computer to check for internet connection. If internet is not available to this system also, consider that internet access is unavailable. Contact your internet provider or an admin. For Wi-Fi networks, ensure that username and password are as defined in the internet provider AP/ router.

5th, 6th and 7th

Server x ping failed.

Ping to redundant server #x failed

Check the SolarEdge server address, under LAN configuration submenu. Address:, Port: 22222.


TCP connection failed

The connection to the SolarEdge server is not established. That means communication with the server is failed.

You need to check with your network administrator whether a firewall or another device is blocking transmission.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips for SolarEdge Ethernet Issues

  • Check that the modem or hub/ router is functioning properly.
  • Verify that the connection to the internal connector on the communication board is done properly.
  • Check that the selected communication is properly configured.
  • Assess whether the network and modem are operating properly by using a method independent of the SolarEdge device. You can connect your laptop to the Ethernet router and internet.
  • Check whether a firewall or another type of network filter is blocking communication.
  • For Zigbee troubleshooting, you can the check owner's Zigbee installation manuals.

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SolarEdge Internet Reset

Direct Ethernet Connection:

If you need to reestablish an internet connection to the SolarEdge inverter, you need to conduct a power cycle of the inverter and networking components. You can follow the below simple steps to conduct this power cycle.

  • Turn the "DC Disconnect Switch" below the inverter to the OFF position. This switch looks like the black power nob.
  • Turn OFF the solar circuit breakers in your main electrical panel.
  • Now, wait for about 10 to 15 minutes for the inverter to fully power down.
  • Next, reboot or restart your home internet router.
  • Then, turn back ON solar breakers and DC disconnect switch.

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Bridged Connection:

If your inverter uses a bridged setup, you can find two bridges located on-site. One bridge will connect to an Ethernet cable which is coming from the inverter and plugged into the nearest available wall outlet. Another bridge will connect to an Ethernet cable coming from the home internet router. Simply pair these bridges to each other to re-establish the internet connection to your inverter.

Disconnect the bridge from the wall socket and Ethernet connection located near the inverter and internet router as well.

Plug the bridge boxes into the same wall socket and wait for 30 to 60 seconds for the top two indicator lights to illuminate solid green. If the two indicator lights don't illuminate solid green, you need to press the pair buttons on the bottom right corner of the bridge boxes to make communication with each other.

If the two indicator lights are turned solid green, you have to disconnect bridges from the same wall socket and return them to their previous outlets and Ethernet connections.

Once they are returned to their previous outlets, the bottom light will illuminate and all indicator lights on the bridges should be green. Although, the internet connection will be established to the inverter.


That's all about SolarEdge LAN issues and troubleshooting. Roughly, it will take 24 to 48 hours to work on the right path without any connection issues. If you don't see any results with this SolarEgde LAN troubleshooting, contact an authorized professional. Thanks for reading this blog. Connect with us to get more troubleshooting guides.

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