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Solaredge Setapp Troubleshooting - PartsXP

solaredge setapp troubleshooting

Activating and configuring your inverter is now done directly through your smartphone using the SetApp application. All the information that you need is in the palm of your hand. Sometimes, SolarEdge SetApp may not be working due to some issues of your device or internet connection. If you think that your SolarEdge inverter SetApp has faced an issue, check the possible causes and solutions.

Common SolarEdge Inverter SetApp Problems and Troubleshooting

Check out the instructions to fix the basic SolarEdge SetApp issues.

Getting Black Screen (Blank Screen)

Usually, you can see a black or blank screen for few seconds when you open the application, and then the app will crash with or without any error message. It is one of the most common problems in android OS. Check a few tips to fix this issue.
It may be a temporary loading issue. You just need to click on the recent applications button on your phone. Then, close the SetApp and again open it. Check if it works normally.
Try hard reboot in your android phone. Once the reboot is completed, open the app and try to use it,
If the above two steps are not worked, wait until your mobile battery drains and turns off automatically. Then, you have to charge it. Now, open the app, it may work.
Still, if it is not working, uninstall the app and re-install it. Usually, android restores all settings after you re-install and log into the application. Try if that fixes the issue.
In some rare cases, the re-installation of the app also doesn't work. In that case, you can try installing older versions of the application.

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Loading Error or Server Error or Connection Error

If your SolarEdge inverter SetApp won't load or not working properly, there are some situations that may cause these problems.
The SetApp application server may be down and it may be caused for getting loading or server issue. So, you can try it after a few minutes.
Check for the wifi or mobile internet connection not working properly.
Many users may be using this app at the same time. In that rush time, you can get server issues. So, you will after some time.

SetApp Login Issue or Account Related Issues

If you have a login or account related problem, try the following troubleshooting steps.
If the application's server down, it may cause login or account issues. Try logging in after a few minutes.
Check the wifi or mobile data connection to your mobile.
You may enter wrong login credentials, Please confirm the details that you have entered are correct.
If you are using third-party social networks to login like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., you need to check whether that particular network service is working properly by visiting their official web portal.
Your account may be suspended or deactivated. You should read the error messages carefully.

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SolarEdge Inverter SetApp Installation Issues

For installation problems of SolarEdge inverter SetApp,
Check your internet or wifi connection for connectivity.
Check the phone storage space. If you don't have sufficient space in your disk, the SetApp will not be installed.
Verify that the application you are trying to install supports your mobile's android version.

App is Not Updating Properly in Phone

You should check the data connection and be sure that it is working correctly. If it is down, then it may stop the application from updating.
Ensure that you have enough storage or space on your mobile to download updates. If you don't have sufficient space, it can block the update of apps.

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Audio or Video Loading Problem with SetApp

Verify your phone volume if you have audio issues. Try using headphones to find out whether the issue with speakers or with the app. For video loading problems, check the internet speed and connectivity as well.

SetApp Notifications are Not Working Properly

If you are not getting notifications properly from this application,
Go to your Apps> SolarEdge Inverter SetApp> Notifications and check whether you have enabled notifications or not. If notifications are not enabled, you must enable them. If you are not getting notification alert sounds, re-verify as you may be muted the app notification sounds accidentally.


Is it possible to log in to the app without a username and password?

No. You can't use the SetApp without login. In order to log in to SetApp application, you should have a username and password. If you have already a SolarEdge monitoring platform or designer account, just log in with that credentials.

Can the new app be used for already installed inverters?

Only SolarEdge SetApp-enabled inverters (without a LCD display) can be activated or configured via SetApp.

Can pairing be initiated without SetApp?

Yes. Just press and hold the ON/ OFF/ P switch at P position for 5 seconds. Once you see all three LEDs blibking, you can release the switch. Consider that the pairing process is started. It may take approximately three minutes to complete pairing process.


We hope the above details on SolarEdge SetApp troubleshooting helped you more while fixing common and basic problems. If these are not worked to fix your problems, kindly refer to the owner’s manual. Otherwise, contact a professional to diagnose the problem. For further more details on SolarEdge SetApp problems, visit the manufacturer’s site or manual.

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