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We all use Invertors, but do you know why exactly we use them? Inverters change DC to AC. But what are DC and AC? No need to worry if you don’t know because in this blog we are going to cover those aspects and compare the two best brands which manufacture Invertors. So here goes the blog SolarEdge vs Enphase.

History of Invertors

Those were the times of Edison and also was the time when the understanding of electricity is being just sprouted. Thomas Alva Edison invented electricity and also the electric bulb which revolutionized the world. Another inventor Nikola Tesla came up with his invention of the AC which is an Alternating current when the Direct current is prevalent. They both went into arguments and experiments to prove which one is the best to use. Finally, Tesla won as he proved that the Alternating current is the better one for most appliances.

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Direct current is the one that travels in a single direction and Alternating current is the one that moves to and fro that alters its direction. A battery is an example of a source of Direct current and a dynamo is a source of Alternating current.


Now in the case of solar panels, the light energy is converted into electrical energy and is used or stored. However, the current that solar panels generate is a DC and should be changed to AC for usage. Now comes the inverter to rescue. An inverter is an appliance that transforms current from AC to DC and the SolarEdge and Enphase are the most popular inverter brands in the market. So let's get down to delve and compare some of the features of these inverters.

SolarEdge vs Enphase.

Both solar edge and Enphase have some similarities. They both have a built-in rapid shutdown, shade mitigation features, etc. However, the primary difference is that Enphase will produce AC power on your rooftop, whereas SolarEdge will put DC power down to the inverter on the side of your house,  and then produce AC from there.


First of all cost, they tend to be a little bit cheaper than Enphase.

They also integrate quite well with batteries and with EV chargers and some other technologies and with some other technologies that solar edge is working on and coming out with.

Solar edge also comes with a reasonable warranty of  12 years on the inverter, and 25 years on the optimizer. That can be extended to 25 on the inverter if you pay some additional. One of the benefits of SolarEdges warranty is that they do pay a labor reimbursement to whoever comes out to replace parts for a longer period than Enphase does. So that is an added benefit for the SolarEdge system.

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The benefits of going with Enphase are One is their 25-year warranty and the second one is that all your inverters are up on the roof. So you don’t have that inverter on the side of your house which can be a challenge as well. It’s a benefit in terms of space. But to do any repair work you have to go up onto the roof to get to the inverter.


On the maintenance side, while both of these inverters are high-quality inverters, if you replace a SolarEdge inverter on the side of your house, that’s much easier than going up on the roof to replace the microinverter.


So in summary, both SolarEdge and Enphase are great options that will give you more panel-level monitering. They both have up to 25-year warranties. But the solar edge is a less expensive option that provides all the benefits that you get with enphase. Hope our blog SolarEdge vs Enphase helps you to learn more about the inverters and to choose a better one for your needs.


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