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Solaredge zigbee Troubleshooting - PartsXP

solaredge zigbee troubleshooting

Zigbee is a technology that enables wireless connection between several SolarEdge devices. The SolarEdge gateway is used for wireless connectivity between one or more inverters at a side and a remote internet gateway point. Wireless connectivity allows simplifying the installation as no outdoor cabling is required. The Zigbee gateway communicates using Zigbee and it is a standard for the low rate, high reliability, and multi-device wireless protocol for telemetry communications. Here, we have updated the details on the diagnosis of communication problems of SolarEdge Zigbee and their troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting ZigBee Wireless Connection

Before going to know about the problems that occurred with the Zigbee gateway communication, we will see the Zigbee gateway installation instructions.

ZigBee Gateway Installation Instructions

You need to follow the below instructions when locating and mounting the Zigbee gateway.

  • This Zigbee gateway is suitable for mounting indoors only. If you want to perform outdoor installation, you need to use an external plastic outdoor enclosure. It will be not provided by SolarEdge so that you have to purchase the enclosure separately.
  • Zigbee gateway should always remain in an ambient temperature of -20°C (-4°F) to +60°C (140°F).
  • Make sure to protect the Zigbee from dust, wet conditions, vapors, and corrosive substances.
  • You have to install the gateway either on a wall or on the desk.
  • Be sure that the antenna will be vertically oriented.

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How to Verify the ZigBee Gateway Connection?

In SetApp select the "Communication" and check that the Server menu is defined as "Zigbee Slave".

Next, select "Status" and check that the Zigbee section in the communication section displays as "MP Slave Connected".

You have to verify that the S_OK LED is ON, which indicates the communication with the monitoring platform is established. It may take up to 5 minutes to get displayed. If you did not get this message on the LED, you can refer to the below troubleshooting section.

Once the device is discovered, you need to check that the yellow LED blinks and indicates the right amount of slaves as described in the following illustration.

Now, verify the signal strength. You have to check at least two RSSI LEDs are ON that indicates medium signal strength. If only one LED is ON, you can consider that the signal strength is low. For this, consider to relocate the Zigbee Gateway closer to the inverter to improve signal reception. If all RSSI LEDs are OFF, you have to place the Zigbee repeater between the gateway and inverter. To solve this issue, you can refer to the Ethernet connection troubleshooting section in the manual.

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SolarEdge Zigbee Troubleshooting

Ethernet Connection Issues

If the S_OK LED on the ZigBee Gateway is not found, you need to go to the diagnostics mode for identifying the error. To enter into the diagnostics mode, you have to press the Zigbee Gateway configuration button for more than 10 seconds and then release it. You need to release it only after all LEDs turn on and then off while pressing. Now, the Zigbee is in diagnostics mode.

  • If all LEDs light up, then consider that there is no error has occurred.
  • If one of the LEDs is OFF, diagnose the problem and troubleshoot it quickly. You can get a separate section to identify and troubleshoot the problem.

Yellow LED (Link) does not blink after device discovery

If the yellow LED is not blink even after the device discovery, there may be a connection error. So, to fix this issue, you should follow some troubleshooting actions including:

  • Relocate the Zigbee Gateway closer to the inverter for improving the signal strength.
  • Disconnect the inverter from the AC power source and check whether the Zigbee is plugged in properly inside the inverter. Also, you need to check that the inverter is in the correct orientation and all pins are placed into their proper positions on the communication board. Moreover, no pins are left out of their socket.
  • Keep a Zigbee repeater between the inverter and gateway. You will require to buy the repeater separately.

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Yellow LED (Link) does not blink according to number of inverters

If the yellow LED is blinking but not the correct number of times, i.e., according to the number of inverters, refer to a few troubleshooting tips.

  • Access SetApp and go to Communication -> Zigbee -> Zigbee slave. There, a blue checkmark appears in the Zigbee slave row indicating that a connection has been established.
  • Select Status in the SetApp. Check for the S_OK blink in the server field indicating a functioning connection to the SolarEdge monitoring portal which was validated during the last two minutes. Check for the <OK> which appears in the status field.
  • If S_OK is not displayed, or Gateway Not Found/ Master Not Found appearing, consider that the inverter is not detected.
    • Check if the Zigbee plug-in inside the inverter in the correct position and all pins are inserted into their correct places in the communication board. If not, correct them.
    • Reload Zigbee defaults as mentioned in the plug-in kit installation guide.

Additionally, you have to verify that the Master ID value appears to indicate the identification number of the gateway. If you see that as "Zigbee Ready", then the inverter is not associated with the Zigbee Gateway. You need to perform device discovery.

Check RSSI which indicates the signal strength. If L or no values displayed, you have to relocate the Zigbee Gateway for getting better signal reception. Otherwise, you can use a repeater to strengthen.


We hope, this guide helped you while troubleshooting SolarEdge Zigbee Gateway connection issues, Ethernet issues, etc. For further more information on SolarEdge Zigbee, refer to the owner’s manual. Stay in touch with us to get more guides on SolarEdge products.

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