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Top 4 Oldcastle Engineered Building Products

top 4 oldcastle engineered building products

Oldcastle Precast is the leading manufacturer of utility products and construction accessories for the energy, telecommunications, energy, transportation, water markets and building structures. Oldcastle is committed to upholding the core values of quality, reliability, and services in revolutionary ways.

Now, we are going to discuss Top 4 Oldcastle Engineered Building Products

  1. Carson 13241021.

  2. Enclosure 02001165.

  3. Round Pull Box 07081111.

  4. Hex bolt kit 08001366.

Let’s have a look at the following.

1. Old castle Precast Carson 13241021

oldcastle precast carson 13241021

Product Description: Carson 13241021 is made of structural foam high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors to offer a long-lasting performance in all weather conditions.

Part Name: Old castle precast 13241021

Part Number13241021

Manufacturer: Oldcastle.

Part Type: Carson

2. Old castle Precast Enclosure 02001165

oldcastle precast enclosure 02001165

Product Description: It is Extension for an Underground enclosure, and use with Deliberate foot traffic.

Part Name: Old castle Precast Enclosure 02001165

Part Number:02001165

Manufacture: Oldcastle.

Part Type: Enclosure.

3. Oldcastle Precast Round Pull Box 07081111

oldcastle precast round pull box 07081111

Product Description: This pull box is durable and strong, made with best-selected plastic, polymer, and concrete, available in many sizes.

Part Name: Old castle precast Roud Pull Box.

Part Number07081111

Manufacture: Oldcastle.

Part Type: Pull Box.

4. Oldcastle Precast Hex bolt kit 08001366

oldcastle precast hex bolt kit 08001366

Product Description: Hex bolt kit is made of high End material and it gives best performance on all Equipments and Machinery.

Part Name: Hex bolt kit.

Part Number: 08001366

Manufacture: Oldcastle.

Part Type: Bolt kit.

Below are some of the Best Products of Old Castle:

a) OldCastle Boxes:

Oldcastle Infrastructure provides boxes to use in various fields like construction, energy, water, communications, and transportation. It designs and supplies junction boxes, residential meter boxes and valve boxes for wastewater and irrigation system.

Oldcastle manufactures pull boxes & handholes for telecom and fiber utilities. Also, it provides pull boxes for roadways and bridges and electrical requirements.

The underground pull boxes and handholes of Oldcastle Infrastructure are the industry's leading product options for securing and providing access to electrical cables and transformers. Moreover, to run electrical power cables above ground and around utility poles Oldcastle Boxes are the popular alternatives.

These are environmentally friendly, comfortable, and inherently fire resistant, suitable for projects that need access to cabling junctions. Oldcastle pull boxes and handholes are available with or without knockouts, and accessories in different sizes and shapes.

Old Castle Boxes are strong and more durable with the broadest line offered in the industry. It supplies water meter boxes to protect, conceal and access water meter components and irrigation systems.

Oldcastle provides a wide variety of high-quality valve boxes to withstand traffic from industrial movers. External locking lids help prevent vandals from destroying important components of the irrigation system.

Fiberlyte Boxes can achieve Tier 8 performance and can tolerate incidental traffic from light trucks and commercial landscape equipment.

b) Oldcastle Trench:

Oldcastle Infrastructure offers Trenches for telecom and fiber utilities, data centers, equipment shelters, stormwater or drainage systems. It provides its services to electric utilities and substations.

It gives a solution for applications that range from cable distribution and management to drainage runoff capture, containment, and transport with a three-sided precast trench. Old Castle Trench components have excellent strength, chemical resistance, substantial freeze or thaw resistance and low water absorption.

These Trenches are available in various dimensions as well as custom sizes and provide convenience, durability and maintenance-free finish. You can get easy access to communication, control, signal and power cables & wiring through Old Castle Trenches. It can also be used in conjunction with inlets, catch basins and piping for stormwater management.

c) Oldcastle Concrete Pipe:

These Pipes are available in various styles such as elliptical, circular, perforated, gasket and jacking, with a range of different connection types. Piping can be used in almost any project where there is wastewater, stormwater, drainage, telecommunications cabling or electrical wiring is managed or contained.

Oldcastle Precast Pipe is designed to meet the requirements of ASTM C-76, ASTM C-443, AASHTO M170, and APWA. It is useful in a wide variety of projects like drainage water piping, which is the cornerstone of all wastewater systems.

Reinforced concrete piping is mainly used by municipalities, telecommunications companies, and utilities. Also, used for carrying wastewater from retail, industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The convenient way to speed up any construction project is to use of Oldcastle Precast Piping.

d) Oldcastle Vaults:

These Vaults are the industry's leading product alternatives to protect and provide access to electrical cables and transformers and are the best choice to run electrical power cables on the ground and across the utility poles.

These electrical vaults also called splice boxes and switchgear vaults.

Its Infrastructure provides vaults in various designs including one, three-piece and multi-piece configurations. These have additional features of lifters, pulling irons, grade rings, knockouts, drainage sumps, racking and term-a-ducts to best fit for your work needs.

Vaults can save money and time with standard and customizable options and are the perfect example of value-added engineered solutions.

It offers water vaults to protect and provide access to water meters. You can also get liquid containment vaults for your needs from Oldcastle Infrastructure.

Oldcastle Cement is the number one construction material among all.

Its products are engineered to produce and secure a wide variety of energy technologies from fossil fuels to nuclear and renewable energy sources. Infrastructure will help to keep our transportation networking moving correctly.

Water Products are designed to meet the unique needs of each project.


I hope the information given in the above sections regarding Oldcastle Infrastructure Products will help you. If you want to use Oldcastle Precast Products in your project, no need to worry about purchasing. Choose our PartsXP online store and buy your required Oldcastle Parts. We offer our parts at a very less price.

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