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Power-strut is associated with the best metal framing system & strut channel in the industry. Power-Strut Channel is considered to be a basic material in the construction. PowerStrut Metal Framing System is an erector set design that uses fittings and channels to resolve a variety of mechanical problems such as HVAC, fire, and plumbing.

a) PS 200EH 10 PGAL

power strut ps 200 eh 10 pgal channel elongated holes steel pre galvanized 1 5 8x1 5 8x10

PS 200EH 10 PGAL is made of stainless steel for extra strength and durability. It is finished with corrosion-resistant pre-galvanized for external protection. Here, we can see the simple steps for a power strut connection.

  1. First, insert the clamping nut anywhere along the continuous slot channel.
  2. The Power-Strut Fittings provides the channels connection.
  3. Tighten the bolts to secure the channel's connection.

b) Steel Channel Strut

power strut steel channel strut

Stainless steel channel strut has the same functions as any other metallic strut. These channels support pipe, conduit, electrical and duct with long-lasting strength and durability.

No corrosion problems occurred. We recommend the use of corrosion-resistant stainless steel channels and accessories.

c) Strut Channel

power strut channel

Strut Channel is a standardized formed structural system used mainly in the electrical and construction fields for light structural support. Strut is formed from a metal sheet and folded over into an open channel shape with inwards curve lips to give additional support.

More Struts are being manufactured from fiberglass, it is a highly corrosion-resistant material. A slotted channel has holes at the top of the strut to increase the flexibility of attachment.

As there are many advantages to strut channels, they are used in the construction field more. It is simple to connect the lengths by using the strut channel. Power-Strut Fittings are also easy which reduces the costs significantly. If you are using strut channels in applications, not requiring welding, extensive drilling or bolting.

Various models of strut channels are available with different holes patterns for mounting on walls and supports. 

d) PS 1100

power strut ps 1100

PS 1100 is a Power-Strut standard two-piece pipe clamp. It is made of stainless steel and has an electro-galvanized finish. Applicable for use with IMC, GRC and SCH conduit steel pipe. If you want to search for PS 1100, then visit our PartsXP website. Here, we supply Power-Strut PS 1100 Clamp at a reasonable price.

Many electrical manufacturers use versatile metal framing for cleaning rooms, x-ray support systems, satellite support dish systems, theatre screens, storage racks, offshore platform catwalks, and tunnel stanchions.

Power strut comes with various types of materials and finishes. It is available in the materials of stainless steel, aluminum and fiberglass and finishes of hot-dipped galvanized, pre-galvanized, electro–galvanized and painted. In all types of materials, threaded rod and fasteners are also available.

Power-Strut is proud of maintaining, design, engineering and manufacturing standards that go into the Power-Strut system's development. The Power-Strut line includes fittings, channels, and accessories for any framing solution, it might be a small, large, light or heavy solution.

These Recommended load ratings for channels are defined through testing and based on permissible stresses appropriate to the specification of Power-Strut materials. Power-Strut Electrical products are listed by U.L and are accredited by the Association of Canadian Standards (CSA).

The Power-Strut System is an economical solution to any mining, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, petrochemical, and data center support applications.

While the applications of Power-Strut Metal Framing are unlimited, they are divided into three categories: Electrical Systems, Mechanical Systems that reduce costs and OEM Components & Maintenance.

Electrical contractors commonly use flexible metal framing to support conduit, raceway systems, panel boxes, and other electrical components. Additionally, you can use the Power-Strut channel as a wiring raceway. In this Power-Strut Catalog, items marked with the UL symbol are identified by Underwriter's Laboratories to use in raceway systems.

Power-Strut Channel support systems can attach to ceilings, steel or wood beams, inside columns or embedded in concrete. Metal Framing helps ensure that proper alignment over long spans in lighting systems.

As a raceway system, the strut channel reduces the construction costs by using the installation labor more effectively. With the Power-Strut Channel, contractors can solve all miscellaneous problems because of its versatility. 

The flexibility of metal framing systems is unmatched for mechanical support of the HVAC, plumbing and fire safety systems. It is by far the most common framing system with contractors because it helps to solve practically every support problem without costly welding due to the large range of fittings and support devices.

This framing is used in ceiling and wall-mounted support systems, piping systems, and tunnel support systems.

In manufacturing and processing applications, PowerStrut Metal Framing provides convenient solutions for retrofit and maintenance requirements. Also, you can use these products in OEM applications.

For example, you can use the strut channel as side rails and conveyor stands or framing for generator, motor, cabinetry product supports.


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