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types of electrical switches in the home

In today's blog, we are going to discuss types of electrical switches for home. We use switches throughout our day and almost every aspect of our life such as lights, fans, and every appliance to perform ON and OFF operation.

A switch is an electronic device used to interrupt the flow of electricity nothing but it is used to make or break the electronic circuit.

In the market, there are many switches available, but the working principle depends on the ON/OFF mechanism. So, you have to know how these are different from one to another.

Every switch has its unique features and by understanding its specific function. From an electric wall home switch to push buttons, different types are available for various applications.

Before going to buy any switch, it is necessary to know which switch is required for your home or appliance. Besides the basic ON and OFF mechanism.

Few items have special features like sensors, indicators, etc. So, let's have a look at the different types of modern electrical switches for home, some of them will surprise you.

Different Types of Electrical Switches for Home:

Here, we have provided the different types of electrical switches and their functions to make the selection process easy for your space.

a)Electric Wall Switches for Home:

A wall switch is one of the most common types that is used in your residential as well as commercial buildings. These are the hand-operated mechanical units and standards for various applications.

Wall switches are specially designed to operate on your on-line voltage and fit inside electrical boxes.

Their key specifications are actuator type, combination device function, and additional functions such as fan speed control, dimmer control, timer-based switching, etc.  

These can set apart from industrial switches by a range of decorator styles.

b)Toggle Switch:

This is also called a single-pole electric switch. Actuated by a lever forced through a tiny arc. An electrical circuit will open and close by moving the lever back and forth while the location of the lever provides a simple representation of the state of the circuit.

The specifications include single throw or double throw switching function, 1-axis, 2-axis, or 3-axis configuration or in Omni-directional and actuator type.

Toggle switches are generally used in electronics and instrumentation such as in switchboards. Moreover, these have ease of operation and simple to install.

c)Modular Touch Switch:

If you want to use traditional and old fashioned switches, then you can go through a modular touch type. These are redefined from the old fashion and designed aesthetically to ensure your comfort with style.

Modular touch switches not only allow you to monitor,  your appliance with one touch but also provide you the visual appeal for a historical lifestyle to become a smart home solution.

d)Dimmer Switch:

Dimmer Switch allows you to adjust the light levels and help in controlling the electricity flow across various light sources. So, you can adjust the lighting capacity of any lighting system as per your need and convenience.

Dimmer switches are available in single-pole, three-way, and multi-location versions. These will control the flow of electricity across all lighting sources of your home and save up to 98% of energy. It is to operate and extend light life.

Benefits of Lutron MIR-600THW-WH Digital Fade Dimmer:

1. It Provides best and Reliable Communication in house Environment Lights.
2. Inbuilt Power Failure Memory for best operation in low and high Power voltages.
3. Made with Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor provides the best output.
4. Energy Saving decreases more power consumption, works better at High Temperatures.
5. Best Wireless and Sensor kit for hassle Free and Smooth Operation.
6. White Color Switch suits maximum all types of walls and Electrical Boards.
7. Shouldn't be any dangers if you use this dimmer that is designed for LED lights.
8. This Dimmer rapidly modulate between on/off and is safe for long term use.

maestro digital fade dimmer switch 600w 120v single pole incandescent halogen touch rocker ir remote control wallplate

Lutron MIR-600THW-WH Digital Fade Dimmer, Decora, IR Remote, Maestro IR

Part Name: Lutron Maestro Digital Fade Dimmer

Part Number: MIR-600THW-WH

Manufacturer Name: Lutron

Part Type: Dimmer Switch

e)Bell Push Switch:

A bell push switch connects to the doorbell. When you push it, the doorbell rings. It always maintains a broken circuit, until you press the button. You can use this at your home or office or any other place wherever you required.

Bell switch is nothing but a basic switch and easy to install & operate.

The Switch below is the best example of Wireless Switch looks at it once.

Benefits of Lutron MRF2-1S8A-1OW Wireless Switch:

1. The easy and simple Installation process, flexible to repair or replace.
2. Made with IR Remote Control, which avoids manual operation.
3. Smooth Operating and saves life of the Lights and Increases more Working Efficiency.
4. Inbuilt Claro Wall Plate, helps simple Installation on any wall.
5. Best Fade Dimmer with IR Remote Sensor for High-End Operations.
6. Applicable for Multiple Lights Sources, power consumption is low.
7. Low equipment cost of manufacturing and expense of wiring eliminated and no clips.
8. No wire routing problems to solve, no need for pulling wire during installation.

maestro switch sensor retro package 120v 8a includes wireless switch single gang claro wallplate and wall radio power saver occ vac sensor

Lutron MRF2-1S8A-1OW Wireless Switch/Sensor Kit, 8A, Maestro, White

Part Name: Lutron Maestro Switch and Sensor Retrofit Package

Part Number: MRF2-1S8A-1OW

Manufacturer Name: Lutron

Part Type: Wireless Switch

f)Multi-Location Switch:

As the name indicates, it is the interconnection of two or more electrical switches that control one fixture from multiple locations. Generally, you can use these in large space areas.

Stair-cases, hallways having several controls add to the safety. And Quite complicated to install these items.

You can also use a single pole. Double-pole, three-way, four-way, and push-button switches for your home.

Are you bothered in using switch functions? If yes, no need to worry. The style does not affect the home electrical switches wiring and function. Hence, you can use any type of switch for your needs with no issues.

Moreover, the electrical fittings for home also very simple with these switches.

If you are affected and want to purchase them, no need of bothering about it. We are here to help you by supplying electrical switches. PartsXP offers a wide range of electrical parts with various specifications.

Therefore, visit our PartsXP website to check out our electrical parts and supplies.

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The below switch is the Best example wireless remote, try it once.

Benefits Lutron PJ2-3BRL-TMN-L01:

1. Flexible 3 Buttons with Raise & Lower options, for easy manual operation.
2. Easy to Use and installation is simple, no external hardware.
3. Excellent Battery Life increases its operation for many months.
4.  Provides Instant convenience without any failures when operating in all modes of work.
5. Works in all Environments and provides the best output in.
6. Hassle-Free, Simple and smooth buttons while operating with the Remote.
7. More freedom of movement and operational safety with this Wireless Remote.
8. Saves you a lot of time and allows you to do more in the same amount of time.

lutron switch pj2 3brl tmn l01

Lutron PJ2-3BRL-TMN-L01

Part Name: Lutron Pico Wireless Remote

Part Number: PJ2-3BRL-TMN-L01

Manufacturer Name: Lutron

Part Type: Wireless Remote


This is all about some of the electrical switches for your home. We hope that you have got a better understanding of this blog concept.

Get in touch with us for further more information on these switches and other electrical equipment at PartsXP. If you have any queries, you can drop a message in the below comment box.

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