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types of tapes

As we all know that, every house needs tapes to stick things together or attach something. One type is not suitable for all applications. So, we all are using various kinds of tapes for different reasons.

There are many numbers of tapes types available like duct type, masking, double-sided, painter, and scotch type tapes.

This guide here will give you a complete understanding of all kinds of adhesive tapes available. Our write-up includes each kind of tape application, on which surface you can use it, etc. Hence, you might know the best one for your project need.

So, why late, let’s start to know about various types of tapes.

Different Types of Tapes:

Here's the list of your tape options for specific uses. You can use these to bond or join objects together instead of using screws, fasteners, or welding and protect your surface from damages.

a)Duct Tape.

b)Self-Fusing Silicone Electrical Tape.

c)Masking Tape.

d)Glass Tape.

e)Double-Sided Tape.

f)Scotch Tapes.

Now we will see Every Tape in Detail.

a)Duct Tape:

This is a strong adhesive tape that can use mostly on any material for small to large repairs and patches. It can confirm well all irregular surfaces like cloth and cement. Although, these tapes will not curl or twist during usage.

You may use it virtually for any application including HVAC, plumbing, and construction.

Duct tapes have good adhesion characteristics and quickly stuck. General applications are sealing, bundling, packaging, seaming, holding, waterproofing, and repairing.

Moreover, you can use for holding wires and cables instead of film, making wallets, purses, backpacks, artificial flowers, etc. It is moisture and abrasion-resistant

b)Self-Fusing Silicone Electrical Tape:

Other than duct tape, better to go through self-fusing silicone electrical tape. This has no adhesive so that several applications can make more successful with the use of silicone electrical tape. It is inexpensive and you may use it for more than a hundred jobs to be done.

Silicone electrical tape made from a specially formulated silicone rubber that will fuse to create a strong, unified boundary to itself. The tape starts to approach within seconds, creates a tight seal of air and water within minutes, and fuses to itself permanently within 24 hours.

You can apply silicone electric tape on any wet or dirty surface without any performance impact. So, better to use this for all your applications. PartsXP is the reseller of silicone electric tapes. Therefore, try our below item. Now, check product specifications, applications, and features in brief. 

GTG USA R1-5-8A12 Self-Fusing Silicone Electrical Tape

a)Product Specifications:

Part Name:Self-Fusing Silicone Electrical Tape

Part Number: R1-5-8A12

Manufacturer: GTG USA

Part Type: Tape

b)Product Features and Applications:

1. You can use this as insulation for electrical systems,gives protection without residue.
2. Applications include wire bundling, wrapping, terminating, splicing, bonding, automotive.
3. Easier and cleaner application than conventional tapes prevents corrosive buildup.
4. Protects well against UV, Ozone, fungus, saltwater, oils, fuels, coolants, cleaners.
5. It has excellent arc and corona resistance.Custom designed to meet applications.
6. This tape gives a void-free, water and airtight seal, superior performance.
7. It's flexible even when exposing to abrasion and temperatures down to -65°C.
8. Insulation can provide up to 8000 Volts and have a uniform thickness.

gtg usa r1-5-8a12 self-fusing silicone electrical tape

c)Masking Tape:

It is known as painter tape. The name is derived from its common use to mask things by holding the paper over it. Masking tapes are often handled to cover up a certain area when painting the surrounding areas. It is made up of thin paper and comes with various adhesive strengths.

Once the painting is completed, you can remove this easier and it does not mark up the walls. It is suitable for wallpaper, laminated paneling, and other finished areas.

d)Glass Tape:

Now, we are going to discuss the best one rather than masking tapes that you can use in your building fiber works. It works very effectively. So, you no need to get a doubt about working performance.

Glass Tape is non-adhesive. You can use this mostly in any repair or build of fiberglass. Its flexible design makes you a firm favorite. Glass Tape is made of glass beads that are woven together for more strength.

With the combination of resin, their rigid structure will form and can provide protected and smoother surface as well as reinforcement. 

Glass tape is normally applied after the shaping and before the final coating applied. One more, good thing about this item is that it doesn't include any binder. With this, it will able to work with any type of resin-like epoxy, polyester, and polyurethane. Moreover, you can utilize this product with either a wet or dry technique.

Now, you can get a doubt that where you can buy Glass Tapes? At PartsXP, we supply a range of top quality 54 feet Glass Tapes.

Raychem GS-54 Glass Tape:

a)Product Specifications:

Part Name: GS-54 Raychem Glass Tape

Part Number: GS-54

Manufacturer: Raychem

Part Type: Tape

b)Product Features and Applications:

1. Able to attach heating cables to pipes, giving excellent performance.
2. The product will dispatch with 54 feet long tape so that you can use for many times.
3. It will be able to give extra reinforcement to joints and edges, facilitate better repairs.
4. Thinner when compared to glass bandage, lower visibility, and resulting in a smoother.
5. It can use in boat repair and building, applied over the hull seams close to the edging.
6. It is so light and slightly easier, suitable for small and large areas.
7. A reliable and strong material, aid with the construction of kayaks.
8. Available at very less price compare to other online resellers and fast delivery.

gs 54 raychem glass tape

e)Double-Sided Tape:

Double-sided tape is a plastic tape that has adhesive on both sides. This is also called mounting tape. If you want to stick two items to hold them together, then you can use double-sided tape. This kind of item helps to hang mirrors, photographs, and lightweight objects on walls.

Additionally, you can use these types of tapes on smooth versions such as metal and glass versions as well as thicker versions like wood, brick, and walls.

When you are having a task for measuring large areas or lengths, you require any tape measure to calculate it. So, better to use any brand tape ruler or calculate to simplify your work.

However, we have updated the specifications, applications, and features of one of the products to help you. Therefore, have a look at these details once and you can get it from us if you like it.

DEWALT DWHT36107 25' Tape Measure:

a)Product Specifications:

Part Name: DeWalt Tape Measure

Part Number: DWHT36107

Manufacturer: DeWalt

Part Type: Tape Measure

b)Product Applications and Features:

1. DeWalt DWHT36107 Tape Measure is functional and compact to measure.
2. It measures almost all your needs for applications, sure to evaluate all kinds of items.
3. This tape has a feature of an easy-to-read blade with a ten-foot standout.
4. It has a standard rubber slide lock that improves stability and adds comfort during use.
5. The product featured with five screws. Hence, they give high durability.
6. For convenient storage, it will manufacture with an integrated lanyard slot.
7. Fractional blade for easy and quick measurements and able to give standard output.
8. DWHT36107 has a wide base and easy to carry as it designed with compact size.

dwht36107 dewalt 25 tape measure

f)Scotch Tapes:

It is the most common form of tape and popularly known as cello tape. This also comes under adhesive products and most available today. You know, generally, we all are using this kind of our needs regularly.

You can see scotch tape in a variety of widths. For, lightweight sticking purposes, this is a good choice.

You may use the Cello tape in applications such as for gift packing, tapping up posters, attaching papers in the books, etc. It is easy to find stores and relatively inexpensive. 

Again, we are interested to share another brand tape measure for your requirements. Therefore, use it once and make your work easier.

Milwaukee 48-22-7125 Magnetic Tape Measure 25:

a)Product Specifications:

Parts Name: 25Ft Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measure

Part Number: 48-22-7125

Manufacturer: Milwaukee

Part Type: Tape Measure

b)Product Features:

1. Milwaukee 48-22-7125 Magnetic Tape Measure has Nylon Bond Blade Protection.
2. Designed and manufactured with 5 points reinforced frame and measure up to 25 feet.
3. This measure having a finger stop feature, it protects fingers during blade retraction.
4. By resisting contamination wear and increasing protection when dropped.
5. Made with dual magnets, prevent roll-off when measuring steel studs,threaded rods.
6. The measure has 360-degree magnetic hook attachment and 2 sided printing.
7. Increase productivity on job site, easily adhere and simple to read the measurements.
8. You can get reliable products only at an low cost.Same-day shipping-quick delivery.

48-22-7125 milwaukee magnetic tape measure 25

Final Words:

Above are the common types of tapes that you can find when you are looking for different uses. All these have unique uses, but finding the correct type for your application is your responsibility. Tape 3M has been designed to meet the challenges of various fields. We have an extensive range of 3M tapes. If you want, you can select them from our website,

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