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What is Eaton?

what is eaton

In our modern world, we all depend on technology, transportation, infrastructure and energy to live. But, all these depend on the power to experience. So, Eaton is there to provide Power Management Solutions for all these services.

Power is necessary to run hospitals, factories, vehicles and data centers. Hence, Eaton is committed in improving the lives of people and the environment with more reliable, safe and efficient power management technologies. 

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Coming to the company history, Eaton was established in 1911 by Joseph Eaton. It was headquartered at Beachwood, Ohio, United States. Eaton was grown quickly by acquisitions and buying companies in the automotive industry.

Now, it is the global technology leader in producing electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power management solutions to main industry segments.

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For over 100 years, Eaton is providing energy-efficient solutions to the customers for managing electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power effectively. Now, let's have a look at the Eaton Electrical and Industrial products & services. 

The company offers electrical products, systems & services for power quality, control & distribution, power transmission, lighting and wiring products. For industrial and mobile equipment, Eaton supplies hydraulics components, systems, and services. 

Eaton manufactures Aerospace fuel, hydraulics & pneumatic systems for military and commercial use. Also, the company producing powertrain & automotive and drivetrain systems for fuel economy, safety, and performance. 

Eaton's featuring markets are aerospace, buildings, data center, food & beverage, government & military, healthcare, mining, metals & minerals, machine building, rail, oil & gas, vehicles, residential and utilities. 

Eaton's electrical and industrial applications are manufactured to provide longevity, reliability, and efficiency in the most demanding environments. Eaton is always looking forward to increasing the value of their products and services. 

1. Eaton’s Products & Services:

Here, we have provided the details of the electrical products and services offered by Eaton. 

2. Eaton Electrical Products and Services: 

Electrical products include Eaton Circuit Breakers, vacuum breakers, contactors & motor starters, power distribution assemblies, operator interface hardware, metering systems, surge protection devices, engineering systems & diagnostic support services and uninterruptible power systems (UPS). 

Eaton's electrical business was renowned as a world leader in power quality, power distribution, control & automation, energy management products & services and power monitoring. 

The company is committed to providing effective, reliable and safe power solutions when it is most needed. When you need help with your most critical challenge, Eaton's experts deliver integrated solutions with unparalleled knowledge of electrical power management across industries. 

Eaton mainly focuses on finding the best solution among all for your task. So, this is best for today's most critical electrical power management technologies.

3. Hydraulics

Hydraulics business is the company's direct result for their dedication. Under hydraulics business, Eaton producing valves, pumps, motors, power units & systems, cylinders, and hose & hose fittings.

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4. Vehicle:

Eaton's automotive and commercial vehicle products are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, vehicle power, and control and to reduce fuel consumption. 

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For over a hundred years, Eaton is well-known in the automotive industry while supplying high-tech valve trains, efficient compressors, differential gears, transmission fluid, fuel vapor, valves and plastic used in the vehicle engines. 

5. Aerospace:

Eaton is a leading manufacturer and top innovator in the aerospace field. It designs and produces the most advanced fuel & inerting systems, hydraulic systems, engine solutions, and motion control. 

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These products are designed with a focus on improved reliability, fuel efficiency, and weight reduction. Eaton has the skills required to adapt solutions to the needs of today's industry while developing new technologies for aircraft designs.

6.Few Eaton Components:

Eaton Breakers are available in low and medium voltage levels. Eaton Circuit Breakers are designed to provide premium protection for short circuits, overloads and overheating of wires. You can use these circuit breakers in residential, industrial, commercial and hazardous area applications. 

Eaton MCB also designed and manufactured under protective devices for commercial and residential applications. Eaton Miniature Circuit Breakers are available in various models. High-quality Eaton MCBs provide improved operational safety, lower operating costs and improve continuity of service. 

Eaton Electrical Panel offers high performance, safety, and various features for warehouse, industrial and commercial applications. Eaton Electrical Panels are suitable for new constructions and upgrades in various applications. 

7. Eaton Cutler-Hammer Breakers:

Cutler-Hammer and Eaton products are the same and compatible. Cutler-Hammer became the part of Eaton in 1978. Eaton Cutler-Hammer surge protection devices give the protection against the damages caused by utility switching, lighting and switching electric motors. 

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Eaton Cutler-Hammer offers limit switches, proximity sensors, relays, circuit breakers, panel meters, and more components. 

Eaton Cutler-Hammer breakers are made in various designs for various applications. Some breakers are suitable as branch circuit protectors, for lighting control applications and others. So, you can get breakers for any needed application. 

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Eaton staff works 24/7 to address your operational issues anytime and anywhere in the world. Eaton can help you with their products and solutions that are right for you regardless of your industry. Finally, we say that better to use Eaton services and products for all your applications. 

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