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Blog posts of '2020' 'April'

Types of Electrical Switches in the Home - PartsXP
Before going to buy a switch it is necessary to know which switch is required for your need. Besides the basic mechanism of the ON and OFF mechanism, some electrical switches have special features like sensors, indicators, etc. So, let's have a look at the different types of modern electrical switches for home, some of them will surprise you. [More]
What is Eaton?
Eaton is the global leader in providing power management technologies for all industrial, commercial and residential applications. Eaton's products and solutions include Aerospace, Electrical, Filtration, Industrial Clutches & Brakes, Hydraulics, Vehicle, and Plastic Extrusion.    [More]
Top 4 Oldcastle Engineered Building Products
Oldcastle Precast is the leading manufacturer of utility products and construction accessories for the energy, telecommunications, energy, transportation, water markets and building structures. Oldcastle is committed to upholding the core values of quality, reliability, and services in revolutionary ways. [More]