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Blog posts of '2021' 'March'

Sensor Switch CMR 9 Programming - PartsXP
The CMR 9 is an economical solution to provide automatic lighting control where a wall switch replacement sensor is not suitable. With an integrated line switching relay, the CMR 9 is perfect for applications where locating a power back is difficult like retrofitting rooms with concrete or inaccessible ceilings. However, this CMR 9 series sensor is recommended for rooms with obstructions. Here, you can check the Sensor Switch 9 programming instructions. [More]
How to Setup Cree SmartCast ? - PartsXP
Cree SmartCast technology provides essential lighting control without any extra design, installation, and setup time typical of traditional lighting systems. This guide will show you how to setup Cree SmartCast with configuration tool? So, you can see how easy it is to deploy. [More]
Cree Recessed lighting Installation and CR6 Installation - PartsXP
LED light source is hugely used for recessed lighting. It’s not only for energy saving, but also effective than traditional recessed lighting. It is a great way to upgrade the appearance of your house or room. With the Cree LED recessed lighting, you can avoid hanging ceiling lights and floor lamps. The Cree series of LED downlights give high performance for residential and commercial lighting applications. So, here, we are going to discuss more details on how to install Cree's CR6 LED downlight. [More]
Sensor Switch WSX Programming Instructions - PartsXP
The WSX family of wall switch occupancy sensors gives simple and cost-effective solutions for commercial and residential lighting control applications. With your choice of passive infrared or dual technology with PIR plus patented Microphonics detection, the WSX family provides reliable sensing and dimming performance optimized for your space. These are easy to install and easy to program using the traditional push-button programming or the optional Sensor Switch VLP mobile application. So, check the detailed Sensor Switch programming instructions below. [More]