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Blog posts of '2022' 'January'

SolarEdge Optimizer Installation - PartsXP
The SolarEdge power optimizers are not only DC to DC converters connected to PV modules to maximize power harvesting but also regulate the string voltage at a constant level regardless of string length and environmental conditions. Moreover, these optimizers include a safety voltage function that automatically reduces each optimizer output to 1Vdc in some faulty conditions. So, many people want to install a SolarEdge power optimizer. If you are also one among those, here, you can check SolarEdge optimizer installation steps. [More]
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Ecobee Switch+ Review - PartsXP
The Ecobee Switch+ is a light switch. This is more than just a smart light switch. Ecobee Switch+ has a couple of smart features than others including the Amazon Alexa speaker, a motion sensor and a temperature sensor. The Ecobee switch+ is the first-ever smart switch with Amazon Alexa capabilities that let you control your connected lighting as well as other supported smart home products by voice. Now, you can check our Ecobee Switch+ review. [More]
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