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Blog posts of '2022' 'April'

Cree LED vs COB LED - PartsXP
We all know that LEDs are capable of longer lives, don't create much heat and use less energy. Lighting technology keeps on changing, and this change has been more evident in the last few years as many companies are trying to manufacture more efficient light sources for the market. However, LEDs are divided into many subcategories. In these subcategories, Cree and COB are the two most popular LEDs currently in the market. As these two lighting technologies are different from each other, it's better to understand Cree LED vs COB LED. It may help you to choose the right one for your needs. [More]
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SolarEdge Backup Interface Installation - PartsXP
SolarEdge backup interface provides backup power automatically to home loads in the event of grid interruption. And, it is a scalable solution for supporting higher power and higher capacity. If you want to know how to install SolarEdge backup interface, continue to read this post. Here, we have explained SolarEdge backup interface installation instructions and how can you connect to the inverter, AC loads panel and grid. [More]
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