Brady® 0.75 In X 0.75 In (19.05Mm X 19.05 Mm) Part# Tht-254-498-3 (1 Rl)

Manufacturer: BRADY®
Label is made of coated vinyl cloth | It can be use in barcoding, component ID, equipment ID, general purpose ID, wire and cable marking | RoHS compliant to 2005/618/EC MCV amendment to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC | Available in white color | Label measures 0.750" W x 0.750" H
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Tissue cassettes are often re-identified when labs collect samples from various biorepositories. Typically, each lab has its own unique way of identifying samples, and there becomes a need to re-identify everything in a common way. Brady B-498 post-process labels offer customers the optimal way to organize these specimens and conduct further studies.This is not the same as Brady's B-482 tissue cassette solution. B-498 Re-identify labels are applied after processing and are never used with the BSP31 label attachment system.