Chill-Its 5171 Or & Gry Ind Hard Sided Cooler - 48 Qt Part# 13171 (1 Ea)

Manufacturer: CHILL-ITS
LARGE MAIN COMPARTMENT - 48-quart (45 L) main compartment can hold 72 cans or 40 water bottles, measuring 17.6in x 25.9in x 13.6in (44.7cm x 65.8cm x 34.5cm) | HOURS OF COOL - Sealing gasket keeps inside cool up to 41°F // 5°C for 30 hours | HARD SIDED - Can be utilized as a stool, holds up to 300 lbs // 136.1 kg | EXTERIOR BOTTLE OPENER - Stainless steel bottle opener conveniently located on the exterior of the cooler | DRY INTERIOR CONTAINER - Separate, removable plastic container keeps items dry and slides on top ledge for easy access underneath | INTERIOR DRAIN - Leak-resistant drain lets you empty excess water without tipping cooler | RUBBER LOCKS - Heavy-duty rubber latches keep lid sealed shut
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The Chill-Its 5171 Industrial Hard-Sided Cooler is a durable jobsite cooler that keeps food/drinks cold for up to 30 hours. This industrial cooler features a 48-quart (45 L) main compartment, a separate/removable interior plastic container for dry items, an exterior bottle opener and two durable carrying handles. This cooler can hold 72 cans or 40 bottles. The lid is designed with two heavy-duty rubber latches and a sealing gasket to keep the interior cool for up to 30 hours. Two no-rust stainless-steel hinges and a stainless-steel wire allow the lid to stay open at a 90° angle - hands-free. The hard-sided, rugged construction can also be used as an extra seat and will support up to 300 lbs. An interior leak-resistant drain lets you empty excess water without having to tip the cooler upside down. Four anchoring holes are located in each corner of the cooler to easily tie it down in a moving vehicle or on a jobsite.