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Coleman Cable

Coleman Cable

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Coleman Cable 09544-90-08 15 Amp, 125V AC, 1875 Watt, 9" Adapter

Locking Adapter. STW. RV/Mobile Home Adapter. Non-NEMA 30A RV Plug to NEMA 5-15R Receptacle. Size/Number of Conductors: 12/3. Rating: 15 Amp, 125V AC. 1875 Watt. Length: 9 inches. Color: Black.

Coleman Cable 09813 SJEOW Rubber Cord, 16/3, 20' Coil

(3) 16 AWG Conductors, Rubber Cord, SJEOOW type, Copper Conductor, Stranded, Rubber Jacket, Black, 300V, 20 ft. Coil Cord, Cable O.D.: 0.365", Coil O.D.: 1.24" .

Coleman Cable 1289SW0002 10 Amp, 125V AC, All Weather Extension Cord, 16/3, Length: 100ft

100 ft All Weather Extension Cord with Oil/Water Resistant Jacket/Insulation and Quick Check Light Indicator. SJEOOW/SJTOOW, NEMA 5-15. Size/Number of Conductors: 16/3. Rating: 10 Amp, 125V AC. Color: Blue. ***Stays flexible in extreme cold or ho

Coleman Cable 146500136 GFCI Portable Plug, Surge Protector, Yellow

GFCI Portable Plug, Surge Protector, Color: Yellow, 15 Amp, 120 V, Trip Level: 4-6 mA, Ground Fault Sensing Technology, UL Listed, NEMA 5-15 P & R

Coleman Cable 148800026 GFCI Power Plug


Coleman Cable 148800236 GFCI Tri Tap Outlet Cord

GFCI Adapter 2Ft Tritap Outlet 3 Way GFCI, GFCI At Plug End, Shock Shield