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Cree Lighting

Cree Lighting

cree lighting

Cree Lighting is a market-leading indoor, outdoor and consumer bulb LED lighting manufacturer. They gained the number one position in innovating new ways for Cree outdoor lighting, Cree commercial lighting, Cree LED area lighting, and more with the help of various technologies that will enrich our lives and protect our planet.

Cree LED outdoor lighting will deliver traditional, warm, and more contemporary white light with zero environmental damage and using a little bit of energy. The company offers both warm and cool lighting to the customers as per their needs. Diffusers modulate the Cree commercial LED lighting elements so that you won't be distracted by glare or hotspots.

You can get Cree LED lighting from our PartsXP store. Therefore, buy from us online and get lifetime benefits in the form of lower maintenance costs and lower energy bills.

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Cree Lighting A19-40W-27K-U1 LED Lamp, A19, 40W equivalent, 2700K

LED Lamp, A19, Input Power: 5.0-5.5 Watts (40 Watt equivalent), 2700K, 465-470 Lumens, Single Lamp Carton

Cree Lighting A19-40W-P1-27K-E26-U1 Dimmable LED Lamp, 5.5W, 120V

Dimmable LED Lamp, 5.5W, 120V, A19, E26, Lumens: 460, CRI: 90, 2700K

Cree Lighting A19-60W-27K-U1 LED Lamp, A19, 60W Equivalent, 2700K, Soft White

LED Lamp, A19, 60 Watt Equivalent, 2700K, Soft White, Dimmable to 5% with select dimmers

Cree Lighting A19-60W-P1-27K-E26-U1 60W A19 LED 815 LUMENS DIMMABLE 27K LAMP

Dimmable LED Lamp, 12W, 120V, A19, E26, Lumens: 815, CRI: 90, 2700K

Cree Lighting A19-75W-27K-U1 LED Lamp, A19, 2700K

LED Lamp, A19, 2700K, 1130-1150 Lumens, Single Lamp Carton

Cree Lighting A19-75W-P1-27K-E26-U1 Dimmable LED Lamp, 12W, 120V

Dimmable LED Lamp, 12W, 120V, A19, E26, Lumens: 1100, CRI: 90, 2700K