Dart® Container Corp. Container 4 Oz Foam 1000Ea/Ct Part# Dcc4J6 (1 Ct)

J cup Insulated EPS Foam Food Containers | Insulated for dual use (hot and cold) applications | Lip stack allows easy separation | Fill line etched inside for consistent portions | Rim Diameter: 2. 9 in / Height: 2. 1 in | capacity: 0. 03
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DescriptionDart foam bowls and round containers are versatile and practical providing dual use for hot and cold foods. J Style bowls and containers are made of insulated material that is safe on hands and comfortable to hold while keeping food at an optimal serving temperature. Foam food containers, available in white and Impulse stock design are complete with strong side walls to transport the heartiest of side dishes including fruit salad, mac and cheese, baked beans, stew, or chili. Disposable, seamless construction, bowls, have spoonable bottoms that are ideal for ice cream, sundaes, or mashed potatoes, and their design creates a stackable, portable option! Use affordable, coordinating lids to cap off soup or frozen yogurt to go. Dart Container offers J Style foam bowls and containers with coordinating lids along with hundreds of high-quality foodservice packaging solutions.