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Entrelec 0007 865.26 Test Plug, Type: FC2, Diameter: 2 mm

Test Plug. Type: FC2. Diameter: 2 mm. For use with Fuse Holder Terminal Blocks.

Entrelec 0008 521.26 Rail Offset Bracket, Angled

Mounting Bracket, Rail Offset Bracket, Angled. Type: TS45. Height: 36mm / 1-15/16".

Entrelec 0101 500.24 Non-Slotted DIN Rail

DIN Rail, Symmetrical, Non-Slotted. DIN 3. Type: PR3.AL (TS 35). Material: Aluminum. Length: 1 Meters. H x W: 7.5mm x 35mm.

Entrelec 0101 501.25 DIN Rail

DIN Rail, Assymmetrical, Slotted "G" Style. DIN 1. Type: PR1 (TS 32/F6). Material: Zinc Bichromate Plated Steel. Prepunctured. Length: 2 Meters. H x W: 15mm x 32mm.

Entrelec 0101 502.26 Symmetrical Mounting Rail, DIN 3, TS 35/C ALU

Symmetrical Mounting Rail, DIN 3, TS 35/C ALU, 10 Piece

Entrelec 0101 508.04 DIN Rail, Slotted, Zinc Passivated Galvanized Steel, 35mm x 7.5mm x 1m

DIN Rail, Symmetrical, Slotted. DIN 3. Type: PR30 (TS 35/F6). Material: White Passivated Galvanized Steel. Length: 1 Meter. H x W: 7.5mm x 35mm.