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Extech EA30 Light Meter, Digital

Light Meter, Digital, For High Intensity Light Measurements, 40,000 Foot Candles in Four Ranges, 400,000 Lux in Five Ranges. Complete with Built-In Stand, Remote Sensor, Rubber Holster, and Six AAA Batteries.

Extech ET10 GFCI Receptacle Tester

GFCI Receptacle Tester, Features: Tests GFCIs for Proper Operation & Verifies Wiring Configuration.

Extech ET40 Heavy Duty Continuity Tester

Heavy Duty Continuity Tester, Test Fuses, Wires, Light Bulbs, Ground Connections, 30" (76cm) Test Lead with Alligator Clip.

Extech EX505 True RMS Multimeter

Multimeter, Maximum Rating: 10A, 1000V, Features: True RMS, AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Temperature, Duty Cycle, Diode/Continuity, Data Hold, Includes: Test Leads, Hanging Strap, Type K Temperature Probe, Carrying Cas

Extech EX623 Clamp Multimeter

Clamp Meter, Multimeter, Maximum Rating: 400A AC/DC & 600V AC/DC, Features: True RMS, Temperature, Voltage, Amperage, Capacitance, Infrared Thermometer & Auto & Manual Ranging, Includes: 9V Battery, Test Leads, Type K Probes & Case

Extech EXTRT30 Wire Tracer, Circuit Identifier

Circuit Identifier, Wire Tracer, Features: Non-Contact Voltage Detection, Clamp Style Probe, 914MHz Frequency & Light Sensor, Includes: Transmitter, Receiver, Remote Clamp-Style Probe, (4) AAA Batteries & Pouch Case