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Extech TK430 Electrical Test Kit, w/ True RMS Multimeter and Clamp Meter

Electrical Test Kit, Includes: Model EX430 True RMS Multimeter, Autoranging with Eleven Functions: AC/DC Voltage & Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Temperature, Diode/Continuity, Duty Cycle. CAT III Test Leads, Tilt Stand, Type K Bead Wire Temperature Probe and 9 Volt Battery; Model MA200, AC Clamp Meter, 400 Amp ; Model 40130 Non-Contact Voltage Detector, 600 Volt AC. Complete with Carrying Case.

Extech TL803 Test Leads

Test Leads, Capacity: 10A, CAT3-1000V.

Extech TL807C Insulated Alligator Clips


Extech TL810 Electrical Test Lead Kit

Test Lead Kit, Includes: Two 40 Inch PVC Extensions, Two Steel Tipped Plug-On Probes, Two Flat Tip Probes, Two Retractable Jaw Clips, Maximum Rating: 1000 Volt

Extech TM100 Thermometer, Single Input, Type K/J

Thermometer, Single Input, Type K/J, Temperature Range: -328 to 2501°F ; -200 to 1372°C (Type K) ; -346 to 2012°F ; -210 to 1100°C (Type J). Complete with Type K Bead Wire Temperature Probe and 9 Volt Battery.

Extech VIR50 Dual Laser IR Video Thermometer

Dual Laser IR Video Thermometer, Temperature Range: -58 to 3992°F ; -50 to 2200°C. Includes: VGA Camera (640x480), Type K Thermocouple Input, USB Interface, MicroSD Card, Wire Probe, 3.7 Volt Rechargeable Battery, Case.