Gardner Bender Auto Circuit Breaker Finder Part# Cs550A (1 Ea)

Manufacturer: GARDNER BENDER
QUICKLY AND EASILY: identifies correct circuit breaker or fuse protecting a specific electrical circuit | SAFE FOR USE NEAR: Sensitive electronic equipment and no need to interrupt power when using | INCLUDES: A plug style transmitter and an auto sensing receiver | AUDIBLE ALERT AND BRIGHT LED: Visual indication on both transmitter and receiver | DESIGNED FOR: Operation at 120V AC, 50-60Hz - UL Listed
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Product DescriptionSperry Instruments CS550A Circuit Breaker Finder, Quickly Locate AC Circuits/Fuses, Visual LED, Plug Style Transmitter/Auto-Sensing Receiver, 110-125 voltsFrom the ManufacturerCircuit Breaker Finder. By using a transmitter and receiver, this circuit breaker finder quickly and easily identifies individual branch circuits at the panel box without interrupting power. It is the best way to accurately locate circuit breakers. They are compact in size and extremely easy to use. UL listed to both US and Canadian standards. Locates AC Breakers or Fuses. No need to interrupt Power. Distinctive Signal, Audible and Visual Indication. Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment. Uses one 9V battery not included. Includes one transmitter and one receiver.