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PPC Insulators

PPC Insulators

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PPC Insulators 1063-F Wedge Grip Clamp

Wedge Grip Clamp with Nylon Jacketed Galvanized Steel Aircraft Strand Flexible Bail. Bail Type: Flexible. Minimum ACSR: 2/0. Maximum ACSR: 4/0. Bail Length: 14".

PPC Insulators 1075 Eye Nut, 5/8", Hot Dipped Galvanized

Eye Nut, 5/8", Hot Dipped Galvanized

PPC Insulators 1082 Square Nut, Galvanized, 5/8"

Square Nut, Galvanized, 5/8"

PPC Insulators 1834 Vinyl Mastic Pad

Vinyl Mastic Pad, INSULEX, Unprinted. Size: 3" Width, 4" Length. Thickness: 1/8". Voltage Rating: 20,000V. Temperature Rating: 250°F. Color: Black.

PPC Insulators 1929 Wireholder, Screw Type, Porcelain

Insulated Wireholder, Screw Type, Porcelain Insulator, Cadmium Plated Steel Screw, Screw Length: 2-1/4". Wireholder Width: 2". Hole Diameter: 5/8" x 3/4".

PPC Insulators 1929-10 10 2-1/2 WIREHOLDR 10PK

POR 1929 10 2-1/2 WIREHOLDR 10PK