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Picture of Amercareroyal Food Skewer  Bamboo  Ct/12000 Part# Rppr813 (1 Ct)
Picture of Amercareroyal Pad Dty Scour Gr Part# Rpps960 (60 Ea)

Amercareroyal Pad Dty Scour Gr Part# Rpps960 (60 Ea)

CAN BE USED ON dishes, utensils, pots and pans. Can even be used on walls, floors, and stainless steel stove hoods! Perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, and at home! | TOUGH FIBERS AND THICK ABRASIVES! These scouring pads feature tough, long lasting nylon fibers and thick abrasives to produce fast and effective results. They are 6" x 9" in size. | REMOVE STUCK ON FOOD WITH EASE with these scouring pads. The harsh nylon fibers are perfect for removing hard to remove foods and dirt from dishes and other surfaces. | FLEXIBILITY! These nylon scouring pads are flexible, and are able to reach hard to reach places . Perfect for pots, pans, and baking dishes. Removes grease, cheese, sauces, and other hard to clean foods with ease. | PERFECT FOR HOME USE! This small package is perfect for using at home. Scrub dishes and clean around the house with ease!