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What is the difference between a vacancy sensor and an occupancy sensor - PartsXP
Vacancy Sensors and Occupancy Sensors both are commonly referred to as motion sensors or motion detectors. Both these are switch sensors designed for detecting motion and turns the lights OFF when an area is unoccupied. Moreover, the device also turns ON the lights depending upon the presence of people. To know more differences between a vacancy sensor and an occupancy sensor, have a look at this blog post. [More]
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How to Reset Ecobee Thermostat - PartsXP
At some point, in rare circumstances, power surges or static electricity may cause to interrupt the operation of smart thermostats or equipment interfaces. In that case, you have to reset the thermostat. Ecobee is also one of the famous smart thermostats. Are you looking for resetting the Ecobee wireless thermostat? If our guess is correct, then please go through this blog to get the information for your queries of Ecobee commercial thermostat. [More]
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Home Lighting Online Store - PartsXP
If you want to buy home lights but think such lighting requires a large amount of money, don't feel and worry about that. You can go through a home lighting online store to fulfill all your needs with less amount.Moreover, you may choose our PartsXP online store to purchase lights that bring pleasure and elaborates the true meaning of luxury in your home. Continue to read this blog to know about our specialties for your home lighting. [More]
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Types of Tapes - PartsXP
Here is the list of your tape options for specific uses. You can use these tapes to bond or join objects together instead of using screws, fasteners, or welding and protect your surface from damages. There are many numbers of tapes types available including, duct type, masking, double-sided tapes, painter tape, and scotch type tapes.   [More]
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Types of Electrical Switches in the Home
Before going to buy a switch it is necessary to know which switch is required for your need. Besides the basic mechanism of the ON and OFF mechanism, some electrical switches have special features like sensors, indicators, etc. So, let's have a look at the different types of modern electrical switches for home, some of them will surprise you. [More]
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What is Eaton?
Eaton is the global leader in providing power management technologies for all industrial, commercial and residential applications. Eaton's products and solutions include Aerospace, Electrical, Filtration, Industrial Clutches & Brakes, Hydraulics, Vehicle, and Plastic Extrusion.    [More]
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Top 4 Oldcastle Engineered Building Products
Oldcastle Precast is the leading manufacturer of utility products and construction accessories for the energy, telecommunications, energy, transportation, water markets and building structures. Oldcastle is committed to upholding the core values of quality, reliability, and services in revolutionary ways. [More]
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Top 4 Power-Strut Engineering - Metal Framing Solutions
Powerstrut is associated with the best metal framing system & strut channel in the industry. Power-Strut Channel is considered to be a basic material in the construction. PowerStrut Metal Framing System is an erector set design that uses fittings and channels to resolve a variety of mechanical problems such as HVAC, fire, and plumbing. [More]
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