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Blog posts of '2020' 'October'

Installing Reliance Transfer Switch in Easy Way - PartsXP
As the world's innovative and leading manufacturer of transfer switches, Reliance Controls produces the most complete line of switches for the customers. Once you have got a switch, decide whether install it by a professional or tackle the simple process yourself. We will support you through a guide on Installing Reliance transfer switch. So, let's have a look at these installation instructions. [More]
Marketair Roughinbox Installation - PartsXP
MarketAir introduced RoughinBox to the mini split and VRF installation market. It is a sturdy plastic terminal box designed for expediting the rough-in of line sets, construction hoses, and electrical or communication cabling for wall-mounted mini-split and VRF evaporator installation. If you want to do Marketair Roughinbox installation, take these instructions as a reference to complete it simply. [More]
Eaton Power Management Software - PartsXP
Whether you need a solution for monitoring a single UPS, integrate with leading virtualization systems, or monitor an entire data center, Eaton is here for providing solutions for your requirement. Eaton management software tools will able to keep essential applications of your mission running longer. So, here, we have updated the information on Eaton intelligent power software, Eaton UPS management software, etc. to help you more. [More]
Oldcastle Precast Building Systems - PartsXP
Oldcastle Building Systems are more than just a kit of precast concrete parts. It is the best choice for owners and architects to employ for the whole design as well as the construction of residential buildings. Oldcastle Precast systems designed for various applications in residential markets multi-family, hotels, students housing, senior residences, and more. Since its establishment, Oldcastle has been a leader in the precast industry, bringing quality to the design, manufacture & construction of enduring and flexible building material. Continue to read this for getting more on Oldcastle products and building systems. [More]