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CRC 02150 High Voltage Cable Cleaner - 16oz Aerosol Spray Can

High Voltage Cable Cleaner, Cable Clean RD, Application: Removes Contaminants From the Semi-Conductive Cores of High Voltage Cables, Includes: (1) 16 oz Aerosol Spray Can

CRC 02152 Cable Clean Rd (rapid Dry)

Chlorinated Solvent-based Cleaner For The Removal Of Contaminants From The Semi-conductive Core Of High Voltage Cables. Includes: (1) 1 Gallon Container.

CRC 02180 Electrical Parts Cleaner - 19oz Aerosol Spray Can

Electrical Parts Cleaner, Heavy Duty, Application: Industrial/ Electrical Equipment, Includes: (1) 19 oz Aerosol Spray Can

CRC 02240 Contact Cleaner

Contact Cleaner, 2000 Precision, Application: Motors, Relays, Generators, Circuit Breakers, Not Recommended For: Lexan, Noryl, Polycarbonate-Type Plastics, Includes: (1) 16 oz Aerosol Spray Can

CRC 03018 Spray Adhesive

A General Purpose, Quick Tack Adhesive. Includes: (1) 16.25oz Can.

CRC 03020 Knock'er Loose Solvent Spray - 13oz Aerosol Can

Solvent, Knock'er Loose, Application: Loosen Bound or Frozen Fasteners, Includes: (1) 13 oz Aerosol Spray Can